Wells Gray Provincial Park

Wells Gray Provincial ParkWells Gray Park is one of the most diverse and spectacular wilderness parks in British Columbia – it is also one of the province’s best kept secrets! Boasting a total area of more than 540,000 hectares, it is the fourth largest park in BC. It has five major lakes, four major rivers, mineral springs, lava beds and extinct volcanoes, all within its borders! Wells Gray Park is famous among locals for its W’s – Wilderness, Wildlife, Waterfalls and Whitewater.

The north and east sides of the park are covered with the giant peaks and glaciers of the Cariboo Mountains, and to the west and south are the upland plateaus, where in the early summer months one will find flowered carpets of alpine meadows. The treed forests are columned with giant Cedars, Age Old Douglas Fir, Western Reds, Hemlock, Cottonwood, Willow, Birch and Trembling Aspen.

Grizzly Bear Wells Gray ParkWildlife species within the park are as diverse as the landscape and consists of deer, bears, mountain goats, beavers, wolverines and an array of birds. In May, June and early July many travelers are treated to the spectacle of bears feeding on the lush grasses, berries and playing along the road side of Wells Gray Park. The park also has an extensive hiking and mountain biking trail network leading to numerous breathtaking waterfalls, lakes and vistas.

Wells Gray boasts more than 250 waterfalls including Helmcken Falls. This spectacular waterfall has a height of 141 meters and is one of seven major falls on the Myrtle River, and is the fourth highest waterfall in Canada!

Not only is Wells Gray home to extinct volcanoes, lava rock formations, alpine meadows, lush forest, waterfalls and spectacular scenery, Wells Gray is also home to one of British Columbia’s best whitewater rivers, the Clearwater. The Clearwater River is perhaps one of the province’s holy grails of whitewater, with everything from Class I to VI, offering any visitor the prefect wilderness or whitewater experience.